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I am a competitive rider wanting to improve my performance

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Allow me to introduce myself.....I'm Jane!


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I'm Jane and I help riders push through confidence and performance blocks so they can achieve the results they dream of for their riding. Let your mindset become your secret weapon in the saddle. I'm here to show you how.



"The My EquiCoach experience is immeasurable; a gift on every level. Jane Pike is inspiring, smart, generous and her energy is boundless. I believe that she could encourage the most pessimistic of riders to ride towards the light and the most jaded of equestrians to reclaim their dreams. In addition, the highly engaged online community is an amazing resource of support for navigating riding life. The resource smorgasboard available to My EquiCoach members continues to exceed my expectations to the point where it would be selfish of me to keep this to myself! If you are feeling isolated, unfit, deflated, unclear, or just want to take a leap to the next stage in your riding, embarking on the My EquiCoach journey will be life changing."

- Jade Salpietro, Confident Rider


What my clients say

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Abby Lawrence

“I genuinely love working with Jane. She supplies the perfect combination of challenge and reward while providing a solid sounding base with non-judgmental support. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending My EquiCoach to anyone wanting a helping hand in turning their goals into a reality.”
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Saarin Hall

“I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend Jane. I believe My EquiCoach is suitable not only for nervous riders who want to become more confident, but also for those stuck in a rut and wanting to achieve a specific goal. Jane has managed to entirely give my riding freedom back."

Louis Litt

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Mike Ross

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