If you are a rider wanting to…


Create an effective strategy and manage your emotions in the saddle



Squash those limiting thoughts that keep you playing small



Increase your mental strength and get in the zone for competition



Ride with Confidence and joy




… then we are a match made in horsey heaven…


Join the JoyRide and recover your mojo, confidence and freedom in the saddle.

Experienced, qualified and ready to help. If you want to gain confidence, develop a strategy, or improve your competitive performance, I’m your girl.

Visit my library of free mental skills training resources and develop the skills you need to ride with confidence and joy.

“I genuinely love working with Jane. She supplies the perfect combination of challenge and reward while providing a solid sounding base with non-judgmental support. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending My EquiCoach to anyone wanting a helping hand in turning their goals into a reality.”

Abby Lawrence

Professional 3* Event Rider

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